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All my life, as can be remembered, I have had this impeccable love for Beauty and Fashion. I remember as a young girl reading magazines, such as Vogue, Ebony, and countless others flipping through the pages and being mesmerized by the beautiful models, the makeup, the glamorous designs. In my mind, I had decided this was the life I wanted. The life I craved. Of course, coming from a small town in the south, of a not so middle class family of five children, financially the possibilities did not look

so promising. During my 6th grade school year, I passionately made the decision, I would be a Fashion Designer.  So during school, I took home economics,  which offered a beginner sewing class. I excelled both semesters with final grades of “O” for Outstanding.  My  was so proud and encouraged me to continue to pursue Fashion Design. That year, my mother surprised me with a new Brother sewing machine. It was the most beautiful thing I  had ever seen. I was so happy. I made everything from Tye-dye Bell Bottoms (they were in Style during that that time), to tuxedo style blazers worn with jeans. I was so happy.

Eventually,  as a young adult living in Maryland at the time, I decided to take up fashion design at the Yolanda Voss Fashion Design School. This only fueled  the passion that began as far as I can remember.  To date, I have been a Model (commercial  & runway), Designer for fashion shows, a Makeup Artist,  Fashion Show Producer,  Beauty Consultant, Model Manager  and now Executive Beauty Style Editor for FMD.

I am loving my life! The Passion and the love of BEAUTY, STYLE, FASHION, THE RUNWAY SHOWS has brought me here. To share with you, and the world……….Iris’ Eye on Fashion.


BY Iris Oliver





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