Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show – “Our Connection with a Victoria’s Secret Supermodel”

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2017

“Our Connections with a Victoria’s Secret Supermodel” 

By Iris Olivera 

On a typical brisk day in Manhattan during NYFW17, me and my daughter, fashion model Chelsea Kithcart were making stops around the city auditioning for castings for “The Shows”. It was hectic, catching taxi’s, hoping to make it in time to each audition before the long line of casters were in place and before the cutoffs. Each casting was overly crowded and some were clearly uncoordinated. But without hesitation, we waited for her turn to audition. 

So, during the last casting call of the day, we agreed we were hungry and wanted to just hang around and grab a bite to eat before going back to the hotel. As we were walking, this tall, beautiful lady walked across the street in front of us. I said to my daughter, isn’t that the model that walked with you for celebrity designer Rocky Gathercole at the Art Hearts Fashion Show during NYFW16? She says to me “OMG! No it isn’t. But I can’t believe this! She is Supermodel Lais Ribeiro, who has graced runways and print for top elite fashion designers, and she is a reoccurring Victoria’s Secret Model”.  She was so excited she could barely speak. I know she wanted to say something to her, but was a little timid. So I intervened and introduced myself to her and then to my daughter. She then opened up to tell her how she admired her and that she was one of her favorite supermodels. Lais was very sweet and nice. She talked about modeling with Chelsea and then obliged her with this photo.  

Chelsea and Model Lais Ribeiro_Victoria Secret Model

Photo Credit:  Iris Olivera 


She wished my daughter Chelsea good wishes and told her to keep pursuing her dreams in modeling, her time is coming.  By the way, we just happened to be standing in front of one of her agencies, “WomenModelManagement” on Lafayette Street in Manhattan. What a coincidence. 

With all this being said, did you watch the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show this year presented from Shanghai China?  We did, and what a colorful show. We do not miss it, as each year presents a different theme. This year it incorporated designs from the Designer Collection “Balmain”. And which model was chosen to wear the $2 million Champagne Nights Fantasy Bra by “Mouawad”?  That’s right, you got it right! Our favorite Supermodel- “Lais Ribeiro”! 

Lais Ribeiro_VS Model_2017

Photo Credit:  Andy Wong 



 VS Model Lais Ribeiro_ show 2017

 Photo Credit:  Andy Wong 

 So proud of her and she looked amazing! We were very happy to have met her in person. Hopefully, our paths will cross again in the near future. 

This was our connection with a Victoria’s Secret Supermodel! 

VS Models 2017









29 thoughts on “Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show – “Our Connection with a Victoria’s Secret Supermodel”

  1. What a wonderful experience and thank you Iris for sharing it with us. Please continue to do an amazing job at sharing your blog. I absolutely love it! !!!!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Tricia, I am so happy you follow me and my daughter in this wonderful world of fashion! Keep visiting my site and reading my blogs. It only gets better from here! Thanks for your Support!


  2. This is Sooo Awesome.. Great blog and Well said Mom. Yes and hopefully soon my sister The Fashion Model Miss. Chelsea will be able to bless them with her presence. Until then keep up the Good work and keep blogging. Love it..!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This is absolury amazing, thanks for sharing this inspring story. I am confident Chelsea will soon be walking the run way with VS models, she is gorgeous!!! Super excited for you both. I look forward to reading more great articles and learning new things.


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