Eye on Beauty Products & Skincare

One beautiful Saturday afternoon, my daughter and I were out shopping at one of our favorite malls in our hometown. As we browsed from shop to shop, there were people everywhere. Including folks stopping at the Kiosk shops. Usually, I don’t make it a habit to stop when the salespeople yell out at you to come try a sample of their product. But this particular day, I did.

The first thing he said was, let me see your hands. He rubbed a cream on my hands, front and back. Then he rinsed with water and patted them dry. My hands felt like a baby butt. They were so soft and smooth. I wanted to know what this product was that made them feel that way. He said it is called “Vine Vera Salt Scrub“!  He said it was one of their newest products for skin care.  I asked him how much for the jar, and he said “For you, it is your lucky day, because I am going to give it to you for free”, simply because you was such a good customer”.  So in return, I vowed to promote and spread the word about this great product.   I give this skin care product 2 thumbs up!


 Vine Vera Salt Scrub is made with gentle ingredients to care for skin while exfoliating. Get rid of that top layer of impurities and you’ll be left with an extraordinarily soft feeling skin.

For more information on this product, where to purchase and the company, please follow the link here:  https://www.vinevera.com/about-us